Automated APN setup for MVNOs

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) business models for MVNOs don't come without a number of challenges for MVNOs, not least of which is configuration and maintenance of APN settings on users' devices. Without native device support for APN setup, very rarely enjoyed by MVNOs, onboarding a customer with correct APN setup can often be a costly, mostly manual and customer service centric challenge. And maintaining connectivity with APN settings often being lost or reset due to roaming, after device OS updates or due to other device events, can multiply the burden for both MVNOs and their end users, causing friction, frustration and possible churn.
Onomondo's APN setup API automates device detection and APN setup through individualized Over-The-Air updates, and is fully configurable through its HTTP-API. Our extensive device database covers the vast majority of existing devices and is constantly growing.

Key MVNO challenges addressed

BYOD challenges onboarding efficiency

The smartphone market is seeing growing diversification, making it hard for BYOD MVNOs to control the diverse device fleet in their networks and maintain an efficient device setup procedure across the thousands of different active devices on their own.

No device support for pre-installed APN settings for MVNOs

An unfortunate common misconception for new MVNOs is that APN settings are either inherited from their MNO or natively supported in devices as they read them of the SIM card. Unfortunately APN inheretance is becoming less common these days and devices are only supporting MNOs' APNs natively and not the MVNOs'.

Frequent loss of APN during device use

During a normal customer life cycle APN configurations are regularly lost due to a number of normal use cases. It could be due to an OS update on the device, a roaming session abroad or something similar. This makes APN setup a repeating process that can be both frustrating for end-users and costly for the MVNO.

For end-users it is oftentimes also hard to understand why configurations are lost and it is therefore estimated to be one of the greater churn risk indicators for MVNOs.

By having the API for automating APN setups, we are able to assist MVNOs in triggering automated APN configurations on end user devices, either as soon as data is lost, a customer returns to the home network after roaming or by request from Customer Service or the end users themselves via their self service solution.

No two devices are the same

The device landscape constantly grows and more and more devices respond in unique ways to both general OTA messages and automated APN configurations.

Our device library is vast and constantly stays updated as new devices hit the market, which secures both a better experience for each new consumer and a greatly reduced support burden.


Simple and Pay As You Go

API connection


Always on and always ready API connection. Keep the integration live for free and it will be ready when it's needed.

Per update

USD 0.15 / Update

Including SMS transmission using our SMSC (meaning no SMPP integration required). Free optional ability to use own SMPP/SMSC.



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