State of affairs

M2M/IoT is having its early stages of long expected radical surge in deployment these days. Newly deployed use cases are slowly but surely making their way down the so-called "ROI ladder", meaning more devices are deployed per case, each with lower marginal ROI per device. This in turn means increasing demand for lean deployment and management systems as well as higher focus on both hardware and deployment (and re-deployment) costs.
Unfortunately, the typical way that celullar deployment has worked so far, means that a lot of encryption, data steering on top of each solution's logic is by design required to take place on the end-point of the solution - the IoT device itself. We see this as risky, costly and needlessly inflexible solution.

With IoT Connectors, we are changing this.

With complete network control and data steering capability we are putting the device logic in the cloud. This eliminates risky device updates, logic overhead and higher hardware requirements on the device side and opens up some interesting abilities to duplicate traffic to multiple endpoints with just a single data package sent over the network. All from the comfort of a friendly but powerful HTTP API.

Put device logic in the Cloud

Putting SDK on your IoT device, or using special firmware means lock-in and inflexibility from the very beginning. By removing the need for SDK, special firmware etc. on the actual devices IoT Connectors makes the deployment, management and adaptability to future use cases for your IoT devices much more lean, agile and elegant.
Simply use something as simple as the Python example below to post data from your device to any IoT platform. The IoT Connector will make sure it finds its way in a secure and stable way.

import requests'', json = {'Hello': 'World'})

We'll make sure the entire data flow is encrypted, and you can add your credentials for IBM Watson IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, Amazon AWS IoT, CKAN, etc. via our HTTP API - instead of hardcoding them on your IoT device - and even send your data to multiple IoT platforms while still only sending one data package through the cellular network.

Use any IoT platform

We support most major IoT platform directly, configurable via HTTP API, and let you integrate your devices directly, and securely, into IBM Watson IoT, Amazon AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, FIWARE Orion Context Broker, CKAN or any custom MQTT/HTTP endpoint.
And of course you can also simply terminate your traffic to the "regular internet" if your heart desires.