The Over-The-Air state of affairs

OTA services are a key part of unlocking the full potential of any MNO or MVNO business. Whether the issue is functional - swithcing networks or SIM card logic to secure better QoS - or securing a better commercial position by having the power to control connectivity and change host network on every already deployed SIM card, an OTA-updating capability is vital to being flexible and cost-effective with your deployed fleet of SIMs.

For the most part OTA services have been subject to large technological and commercial barriers for small- to mid-sized MNO's and MVNO's and connectivity businesses. With Onomondo's OTA as a Service, we are setting out to change that. Pay-as-you-go commercials, developer-friendly HTTP API, full GSMA compliance and opportunity to use the service even without your own deployed SMSC.

No minimum commitment and no lock-ins

Onomondo's OTA as a Service has no minimum commitments and no limits on when or how you use the platform.
You can run a single "campaign" to optimize your SIM-fleet or use the OTA to run a part of your ongoing business logic, such as switching IMSI based upon location updates, etc.

GSMA compliant

Onomondo's OTA as a Service is complying with all relevant GSMA standards, including both 3GPP TS 23.040 (GSM 03.40) and 3GPP TS 23.048 (GSM 03.48).
It's both secure and capable of updating most SIM cards issued after 2003.

Onomondo's OTA as a Service has been succesfully used with SIMs from Oberthur, Gemalto, G&D, Valid, DZ Cards and more.

API driven

As with everything we do, our OTA as a Service is fully HTTP API driven, for easy integration into each MNO's or MVNO's own business logic.

Pay as you go

API connection


Always on and always ready API connection. Keep the integration live for free and it will be ready when it's needed.

Per update

USD 0.15 / Update

Including SMS transmission using our SMSC (meaning no SMPP integration required). Free optional ability to use own SMPP/SMSC.



Send one or one million updates, once or every day of the year. There are no restrictions or requirements to how often or how rare you use the service.