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How do I set up Tags?

Tags can be set up easily in the Management Platform under its own tab. You can also add Tags to users with access control options.

Tags can allow you to segment your SIMs into different groups, allowing you to among others:


  • customize usage information

  • restrict user access to specific groups

  • Control if groups can also edit information related to the SIMs.


If you start using Tags for another purpose, we would love to hear about it at


Creating a Tag


When you want to start customizing your SIM fleet, go to the "Tags" Tab in the management platform. Here you can create a new Tag.


Onomondo app tags management


Let's start by building a basic Tag. You can do this by giving it a name and colour. Once you have done that you can click "Create Tag"


Onomondo app create new tag


Make sure the color is in hex format including the # at the beginning.


Depending on the use case, you can set any/all the fields during the initial Tag creation. You can always edit the fields after creation selecting the specific Tag from the "Tags" tab.


Onomondo app edit tags


However, if you plan to Tag more SIMs, it maybe easier to use the " Sims" tab. 


What is next?


Once you have created the Tag, you can bulk add a Tag to SIMs and/or use the Tag for user access control.


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