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WasteHero is shortlisted for the IoT Award 2021

WasteHero helps cities in over 50 countries tackle the problem of inefficient waste collection. Their solution is deservedly on the shortlist for the IoT Awards 2021.
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In a couple of days, the winner of the IoT Awards 2021 will be announced at the EOT - Electronics of Tomorrow trade show in Herning, Denmark.


We're very proud to provide cellular connectivity to all three of the short-listed nominees:


  1. Aguardio
  2. WasteHero
  3. Clevertrack


In this blog, WasteHero answers some questions about what they do and how Onomondo helps them do it. Enjoy!


What does WasteHero do?


WasteHero is a Danish technology-driven company solving the problem of inefficient waste collection. Through our modernized end-to-end waste management solution, we help cities and organizations in more than 50 countries optimize their waste management infrastructure through intelligent software and the implementation of smart fill-level IoT bin sensors.


Our leading waste management application harnesses AI and machine learning to present reports containing actionable insights that help waste management officials identify areas in need and track the efficiency of improvements over time. The insights help mitigate container overflow, reduce the number of overall collections, guide bin placement and optimize operational efficiency.


What's an interesting use case for WasteHero?


In our home country of Denmark, WasteHero has partnered with the City of Aalborg to implement dynamic waste collection. The implementation of optimized and automated waste collection routes based on fleet, sensor, and container weight data ensures that hauler vehicles only drive when it’s necessary, which alleviates traffic congestion, noise pollution and drives down Co2 emissions.

We’ve helped Aalborg to reduce the number of citizen complaints whilst keeping the city clean and free of trash through the elimination of overflowing bins. WasteHero’s intelligent software maximizes the utilization of fleet and labour resources by reducing driving time, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and driver costs.


Through these measures, Aalborg has reduced their number of collections by an average of 40% across all waste factions.


How has Onomondo helped you?


In the initial stages of deploying our hardware into new markets, WasteHero struggled with finding a network provider that could connect reliably across all the geographic areas we were operating in. We were customizing our devices to a high level, leading to cost inefficiencies and longer lead time for our international customers.


Onomondo’s global cellular network has been crucial in enabling the WasteHero Solution to be deployed seamlessly on an international scale. Onomondo provides live monitoring of traffic from our devices which gives us the transparency we need to solve issues swiftly.


Onomondo has simplified our approach to global connectivity, and we couldn’t be happier for it


WasteHero smart sensorsWasteHero uses optical smart sensors to measure waste volume in containers.


About WasteHero

90% of the world’s waste is collected at the wrong time. WasteHero helps cities and businesses reduce their CO2 emissions and collection costs by as much as 50% by monitoring the fill level in the bins and containers in real-time so we can dispatch collections at just the right time.