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Engineerd with focus to build, connect and
Ship large scale IoT deployments globally.

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$0 /Device /Month

A pricing structure connected to value by paying for data, not time. No fine print.

No Lock-in. Ever

No long term contracts or hardware dependencies that lock you in. Adapt as your solution evolves.

Built for the future.

Send your data anywhere through a deep, seamless global network. Permanent roaming included.

IoT connectivity built with future-proof, global deployments in mind.

Connect at production, ship Globally and retain flexibility throughout deployment.

Your IoT connectivity matters. It affects everything.

Evolve from VPN and firmware-dependent security solutions, so your products can adapt to changes arising from your customers or the industry. Even after deployment.

Bridging the gap between device and the Cloud.

You should be able to choose any platform and any device and connect them seamlessly, securely and globally. Fully control your data and send it wherever you want.

IoT connectivity can be complicated. Onomondo makes it easy.

IoT connectivity is not plug and play, but it can be.
Engineered for all SIM types to help you connect at the point of manufacture and stay connected throughout deployment.


Perfect for your global IoT business cases.

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Completely flexible.

  • Switch destination of data.
  • Automatically update SDKs.
  • All without touching the device.

Less data. More security.

  • Send only raw data.
  • Connectivity logic during transmission.
  • Devices remain isolated in the network.

Create new business models.

  • Risk free, embedded connectivity.
  • Design, connect and test at production.
  • Ship your devices connected.

Practically invisible.

  • Global network redundancy.
  • No firmware logic required.
  • Destination unknown to devices.


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How Onomondo works



No contract lock-in.

Global coverage with network switching and no minimum commitment.
Standard permanent roaming and device isolation.


Negotiation lock-in.

Contract negotiations are Time consuming.
Locks you in to device and duration commitments.

Device agnostic.

Innovative solution from network functionality, without special hardware or SDKs.
Found a better solution? Take your sim keys with you.


Device lock-in.

Many innovative solutions require special hardware.
Changing global providers requires inserting new SIM cards.


Evolves with changes in the industry.
Flexible in adapting to new developments.
Change your platform without updating your devices.


Platform lock-in.

Hardware and software interplay creates interdependencies and lock-in.
Restricting updates and iterations after deployment.

Free to scale

No Monthly or Device fees. Tie price to value creation.
Minimal data overhead and SDK upgrades to devices means paying less for data.


Scaling is costly.

Monthly device fees generate a minimum price on every device, even when not in use.
Retricting business model options.

Industry Spotlights


Connected Automotive

Connected mobility requires a truly international connectivity solution with permanent roaming and full redundancy as standard. By also seamlessly maintaining a secure and isolated connection to protect your fleet wherever it goes, we enable the next generation of logistics businesses to reduce unnecessary services, increase time on road and generate new perceived value for customers.

Connected Utilities

The importance of both local and global network quality is critical to build business critical connected solutions for devices that are fixed in place and unable to cope with local coverage outages, such as smart metering. By combining networks within and across all countries and regions, without compromising business model simplicity we provide the foundation for successful connected utilities or fixed asset IoT solutions alike.

Industrial IoT

Securing industrial applications and ensuring optimal network efficiency at all times is vital for Industry 4.0 solutions. Whether a solution is part of a production phase, such as industrial robotics, or supply chain, such as real time asset monitoring, connectivity needs to deploy with optimal QoS and data security in all situations. Our network footprint consisting of over 700 combined network operators is fully end-to-end secure no matter where deployments are situated and ensures high availability through redundant networks and endpoints globally.

Smart Cities

Innovative smart city solutions is one of the radical efficiency drivers in tomorrow's urban environment, but they typically require massive aggregated data sets from a very large set of devices deployed in the field each consuming very little data. This makes business model innovation on the part of the connectivity partner important to ensure that many devices with low data consumption patterns do not end up being burdened by high costs of deployment. By charging for consumption, not the connection, we ensure that a solution and its business case go hand in hand.

Be the exception. Connect at production. Ship globally.