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Open positions

We are looking for talented people like you. Come and join us and create something great from our central location in Copenhagen!

Digital Marketing Manager

Are you an experienced growth marketer with experience in driving and optimizing strategies to generate pipeline and take our inbound lead generation to the next level across all our marketing channels? Do you have especially strong skills in paid search, paid social and GDN? Then join Onomondo as our new Digital Marketing Manager in Copenhagen!

Community Manager

The Community Manager will be responsible for creating a community of Onomondo users and IoT enthusiasts globally through a variety of mediums, including social media, events and focus groups. Yup, it's that simple. So if you love anything tech, anything, and what makes Mondays your Fridays is making people share knowledge to power innovation, then this is your chance to get paid for doing so.

Product Marketing Specialist

The Product Marketing Specialist is responsible for researching, strategizing, planning and executing stellar mid-lower funnel content and Sales Enablement collateral, activities etc. to enable the general commercial team, and Sales in particular, towards increasing deal value and velocity and lower complexity by removing “knowledge obstacles” in the buyer journey.

Brand Designer

Do you want to help us design and build a brand that is at the center of a major new movement towards global IoT connectivity? Do you have an eye for detail and a passion for usability and stunning visuals? Then join Onomondo as our new Brand Designer in Copenhagen!

Commercial Operations Specialist

Guessing games drive you mad, rather you are a firm believer in fact-based decisions and prefer to argue using numbers. You eat numbers, metrics and trends for breakfast. When you have no data to back you up, you roll up your sleeves and build rationale to start measurements while keeping moving things forward. As us, you’re probably obsessed with acquisition and expansion of commercial operations too. And you are very, very curious to investigate which initiatives, strategies or cohorts to attribute the relative growth to.

Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst at Onomondo, you’ll be a critical part for enabling the whole business to embrace data-driven decisions. Databases, cohorts and regressions are your best pals, and you get excited by solving complex problems with statistical models. On the contrary, poor data architecture and skewed data is what can really keep you from sleeping at night. So come do things the way they’re supposed to be done in a deep tech scale-up.

Market Research Specialist - Remote (EU based)

As Market Research Specialist in Onomondo, you'll be a critical part of the sales process, fuelling the commercial team with prospects and insights that directly impact Onomondo's entire growth journey.

Customer Success Specialist

As a Customer Success Specialist in Onomondo, you are a key player in expanding our business by helping our customers succeed with their business. Customer Success in Onomondo is not just about big smiles on customers' faces and high NPS scores. Customer Success in Onomondo plays a critical role in realizing our future growth targets: increase retention, reduce churn, and drive unit/value expansion. You will own the commercial responsibility for a portfolio of customers and work towards growing your portfolio and reaching set targets. We expect you to be able to align our and the customer's goals for mutually beneficial results.

Developer Advocate

As our new Developer Advocate, you will be responsible for making sure that other developers understand how to use Onomondo. You will be in charge of creating tutorials, building small IoT devices with sample code, and generally help developers in any way you can. You will also learn from the IoT community how they are developing their products and together we can make Onomondo help them even more.

Full Stack Developer

As our new Full Stack Developer, you will join us in developing our web app, implementing and streamlining our backend, including solving scaling, high availability, and observability challenges. Our backend is a lot more than a web app and a REST API, and you will be able to apply your creativity to multiple tasks. You’ll be scaling a global cellular network serving millions of IoT devices, getting insights on everything that goes on from backend to frontend and much more.

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Julia, BDR at Onomondo

“This is a place to learn and grow and do it really fast!”

Our guiding values:

Always be curious 🧐
Be present. Cam on, phone off πŸ‘
Friendly and ambitious πŸ™‹
Simple is hard, complex is easy πŸ’Ž
Build things right πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ
Take the lead, but don't go solo πŸ•Ί
Be bold, not boasting πŸ’«
Make Mondays our Fridays πŸ₯³
Transparency is empowerment πŸ’‘
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We champion connecting IoT devices to the Cloud.

We do it global. We do it smart. And we keep it simple.

Making our physical world digital with IoT will be a massive boon for our planet. IoT has a huge role to play in smart farming, efficient logistics, water conservation, clean energy and much more. But IoT has thus far failed to live up to its potential, with a 75% fail rate on IoT projects. We are here to change IoT connectivity.

“I could not have chosen a better way to start my professional journey. I’m on a very steep learning curve – and I absolutely love it.”

Jonas Høgh Kjær

Team Lead - Business Development at Onomondo

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