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No-code IoT cloud integrations.

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    Ship your IoT solutions faster.

    Onomondo handles the connection to your cloud, so your device doesn’t have to. SIMs automatically provision themselves in the cloud (AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, and more).

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    Increase the efficiency of devices.

    Save battery power and data costs by shifting encryption logic off the device into our Core Network. Reduce potential attack vectors and improve security by not including encryption keys on devices.

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    Futureproof your IoT deployments.

    SDKs live in our Core Network, rather than on your device – streamlining updates and future deployments. We route traffic to the cloud via our Core Network. Any redirect malware on devices is simply ignored.

Don't wait to future-proof your business.

There are more solutions for IoT products today than ever before, but few are made with the focus of making it easy to scale your operation. To make devices truly great for the future, you need to start with how you connect them today. Onomondo's Connectors move cloud connectivity logic (SDKs) to the network level. This is possible because we have deep integrations with 720+ RANs in 180+ countries, allowing us to reduce data and power consumption for IoT devices drastically. No more SDKs and no more provisioning in the cloud – just connect.

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Why choose Connectors?

Reduce data. Increase battery. Secure devices.

Efficient cellular IoT integrations and encryption start with Connectors. Onomondo's platform removes the complications other connectivity solution providers add to their products. Removing all IoT cloud integrations and encryption logic off devices and into our Core Network releases the leash from your business. Onomondo's proprietary no-code integrations help both enterprises and indie developers create better IoT products. This offloading provides better battery efficiency and increases data protection without ever installing a firmware update or provisioning in a cloud environment. Connectors streamline the communication between your devices and their endpoint.

Security benefits of Connectors.

Moving device logic to the core network has additional advantages apart from their core purpose of reducing data usage on the device and reducing the need for firmware updates – it’s also beneficial for security. By moving certificates to the network, you don't have to worry so much about physical devices being tampered with – you can spend less time, energy, and data defending devices.

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Add Connectors with our open API

We are in the business of making it easier for yours to grow, which is why Onomondo's APIs are considered first-class citizens. Our developers have designed Connectors to be incredibly easy to use – from implementation to deployment. Learn more about our API and Webhook first to see how we can future-proof your development.

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45% less power consumption.

Increasing the life span of batteries is one of the key optimization objectives for IoT devices. We nearly doubled the battery life of devices by reducing data consumption with Connectors. In our white paper, we show you how our no-code cloud integration greatly increases power efficiency by reducing data consumption.

Read the whitepaper

Control and own your IoT integrations.

Onomondo's platform with Connectors enables you to choose when and where you want to integrate. By removing the burden of cloud logic from your device and into our Core Network, our platform provides you with the Freedom-to-Leave. If you find a cloud environment or endpoint that better fits your needs, Connectors give you the freedom to make those changes without hassle.

Our pricing works for your business.

We provide a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, because we know growth doesn't happen overnight. No matter the size of your organization, we have a pricing plan that works to help you scale.

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