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Global coverage with one network.

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    Operate on networks that help you grow.

    We've built our own full mobile core – GSM/2G/3G (STP, HLR/AuC, SMSC, GGSN) and LTE (4G) (DRA/DEA, HSS, PGW) – and integrated it with over 700 networks globally.

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    The SIM form factor your device requires.

    MFF2, Mini, Macro, Nano – all Onomondo SIMs are free of custom code and applets. Instead, all functionality, logic, and innovation happen within the network itself.

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    Focus on your IoT, not data costs.

    Only pay for data when its actually creating value for your business. We provide transparent market rates for the data you use, when you use it.

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In global coverage we trust.

Onomondo’s global network of over 700 networks in more than 180 countries enables you to customise coverage to your business goals. Our full-core integration means you benefit from deeper insights and streamlined global connectivity.

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Choose from over 700 networks.

Network lists allow you to customize your coverage map to suit your business’s needs. Provide maximum coverage for critical devices or keep costs low by removing expensive or unnecessary networks, it's completely up to you.

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Customer success stories.

Learn how our customers use our tech stack to overcome borders and increase their IoT efficiency. And look good while doing it.

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Non-steered SIMs.

We deliver SIMs with no steering built into them making it possible for your devices to choose the best signal in any given area. By giving you access to all possible networks, your devices benefit from the range of RANs available in an area, including the latest IoT cellular technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT.

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One Network, APN, and SKU.

Onomondo offers you a unified network with one Access Point Name (APN). Life is more straightforward with our global SIMs – APNs are often hardcoded into the device logic, and trying to do it dynamically dramatically increases complexity and headaches. You don’t have to customize devices per region because of connectivity limitations; you can just make one. Then, simply control which operators your SIMs can connect to through the Onomondo Platform or API and watch your solution take off.

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SIM Form Factors.

Putting logic in the network and keeping SIMs basic is a far more efficient and future-proof solution to distributing custom logic onto IoT devices which need to last for years to come. Onomondo offers SIMs in the following form factors: 2FF (Mini SIM), 3FF (Micro SIM), 4FF (Nano SIM) and MFF2 (M2M). You can add the Onomondo profile to either UICC or eUICC and enjoy the advantage of full core access to over 700 networks globally.

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“Onomondo's network transparency is unrivalled. It took three days to resolve network issues with our previous provider. It only takes 10 minutes on average with Onomondo.”

Chris Guest

CEO and Founder Lightbug

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Our pricing works for your business.

We provide a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, because we know growth doesn't happen overnight. No matter the size of your organization, we have a pricing plan that works to help you scale.

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