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Top-to-bottom network insight tools.

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    Speed up your development process.

    Improve debugging efficiency by quickly viewing device network status for troubleshooting connectivity issues. Benefit from Wireshark-like monitoring directly in the Onomondo platform.

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    Release devices into the wild without fear.

    Developers can dive deeper into issues locally by downloading PCAP files directly from the Onomondo platform. When a device is out in the world, it can stay there while troubleshooting.

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    Optimize products from anywhere.

    Increase device battery efficiency and data usage by keeping traffic monitoring logic off the device and in our severs. Do this on your own time without waiting for a network operator.

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New insights for IoT developers.

When you develop an IoT product, it is hugely beneficial to precisely see what is going on between your device and the network, through to the core network, and on to the IoT cloud. Because Onomondo has integrated every RAN into the same globally distributed core network, you have 100% real-time data insights everywhere.

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Traffic Monitor

After deployment, Traffic Monitor is the ideal way to gain real-time insights into all traffic sent to and from your devices. Capture, debug, and analyze all traffic on a device no matter where it’s located in the world, live. It’s like running Wireshark on the network instead of on the device. Most operators will tell you it can’t be done. But we’ve made it possible to analyze traffic globally and in real-time thanks to 700+ deep network integrations.

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Network Logs

Network Logs show you which networks your devices authenticate with and attach to, including which technology was used (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT). Additionally, if a device fails to authenticate with a network, Network Logs will show the reason for that. We believe transparency is key, which is why Onomondo provides all information from the RAN to Core Network for your use.

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Signaling Logs

Signaling Logs give you an instant overview of the packets sent between the RAN and Onomondo. Debug devices faster, reducing downtime and service issues within one platform. Troubleshoot faster with real-time information – download historical PCAP files on specific devices in seconds and don’t rely on third parties for insights.

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Customer success stories.

Learn how our customers use our tech stack to overcome borders and increase their IoT efficiency. And look good while doing it.

Send insights anywhere with our open API.

We are in the business of making it easier for yours to grow, which is why Onomondo's APIs are considered first-class citizens. Our developers have designed our insight tools to be incredibly easy to use – from implementation to deployment. Learn more about our API and Webhook first to see how we can future-proof your development.

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“Onomondo’s efficient platform and global network technology make it easier, more secure and more cost-efficient for us to stay ahead in the ever-evolving connectivity space”

Klaus Bruun Egeberg

Head of Mobility and Connectivity, Maersk Group

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Our pricing works for your business.

We provide a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, because we know growth doesn't happen overnight. No matter the size of your organization, we have a pricing plan that works to help you scale.

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