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A.P. Moller - Maersk

One connectivity solution for Maersk’s global fleet.

A global fleet requires a truly global network. One that enables access and unlimited control. One that unites worldwide assets and breaks down borders and barriers.

Connected Cars

A network for the vehicle that goes wherever you go.

Connected Cars wants to make mobility smarter by connecting vehicles, workshops and data all over the world. Onomondo’s IoT network is helping the company realize that vision.

Lightbug Car Tracker

Enabling new IoT use cases with Lightbug's GPS trackers.

Lightbug produces small GPS trackers that only incur costs when they create value. Together, Lightbug and Onomondo have made previously uneconomical IoT solutions a possibility.


Improved utility monitoring solutions with Consibio.

Consibio has an intelligent plug-and-play sensor platform. They specialize and operate in various bio-industries, and one of their most recent successful market adoptions has been in wastewater management.


How Aguardio leverages LTE-M to reduce water consumption.

Aguardio's IoT shower and leak sensor provides insights that can help buildings and organizations reduce water consumption.