State of affairs

Like most cellular network components, the installation, configuration and operation of a Mobile Core requires significant know-how and ressources. We set out to redefine the barriers of entry and maintenance of a scalable and flexible modern Mobile Core by breaking the mold on the traditional ways of deployment.

By leveraging a cloud hosted infrastructure to its full potential we've achieved a much more lean footprint both in terms of initial cost and ongoing flexibility. And by presenting everything from the network side in a HTTP API and SIP interface, critical business and routing logic can be developed and maintained much leaner than what is typically the case.

Full GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE support

Our Mobile Core is fully compliant running everything from GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE network.
On all our partner networks we integrate in every way possible, making sure that our network offers the best services.

Mobile Core in the Cloud

Onomondo's Mobile Core is completely deployed "in-the-Cloud" on IBM Cloud. This makes it very flexible in both terms of scaling and availability.
Need more power, we simply scale up. Need less latency in certain areas, we simply deploy a site nearby.

Network Elements

We run everything ourself. From the HLR/HSS and SMSC to the GGSN/PG-W.
We speak both SS7 and DIAMETER. Having all the network elements in-house gives us the full control over all signalling and data running through our partner networks, also a crucial factor for providing true data steering with IoT Connectors.

This way we can make sure everything is secure, and everything is running as intended.

Developer-friendly HTTP API and SIP

To integrate with our network we simply ask you to use HTTP API and SIP.
Both technologies are open source and very developer-friendly, and you do not need much knowledge within the much secretive telco-world to interact with us.