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The world's best IoT connectivity platform.

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    Reduce downtime from slowing your business.

    Leverage insight tools that help developers debug efficiently, keeping your business moving forward. Don't wait for days for information from third parties, get it all, instantly on one platform.

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    Decide your active networks on every device.

    We've built our own full mobile core – GSM/2G/3G (STP, HLR/AuC, SMSC, GGSN) and LTE (4G) (DRA/DEA, HSS, PGW) – and integrated it with over 700 networks globally.

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    Choose the right networks and integrations.

    Maintain the ability to leave and choose which cloud integrations, encryption methods, and cellular networks are right for your business. Future-proof your business without making a compromise.

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Use a growth-led SIM management platform.

Manage your devices' networks and endpoints all within a unified IoT connectivity platform. With complete transparency on SIM activity, Onomondo’s platform helps developers and operators alike efficiently develop, deploy, and operate their fleets.

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Seamless control and insights.

Our platform helps you manage network usage, control data consumption, and gain deep insights into global connectivity in real time. And it's built entirely our own API and webhooks.

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Build your perfect coverage map.

Network lists allow you to customize your coverage map to suit your business’s needs. Provide maximum coverage for your critical devices or minimise costs by removing expensive or unnecessary networks.

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Deep insights, globally.

Gain deep insights into what is happening between your devices, the local network, and our network core. Do not waste time creating help tickets with us or a 3rd party; simply tap into real-time logs for everything in the network. Streamline troubleshooting with out of the box Wireshark-like monitoring, signalling and data logs, and access to PCAP files in seconds – not days.

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No-code cloud integration.

Forget about individual device manufacturing, personalization of each device, configuration, and reconfiguration during and after deployment - Onomondo’s Connectors are the only pure plug-and-play solution available for creating a direct link between your devices and IoT cloud. With Connectors, SIMs automatically provision themselves in the cloud, devices are simpler as SDKs are in the Onomondo Core Network, and you can instantly flag suspicious traffic as all data is automatically routed to your endpoint.

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Send insights anywhere with our open API.

We are in the business of making it easier for yours to grow, which is why Onomondo's APIs are considered first-class citizens. Our developers have designed our insight tools to be incredibly easy to use – from implementation to deployment.

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“Onomondo's network transparency is unrivalled. It took three days to resolve network issues with our previous provider. It only takes 10 minutes on average with Onomondo.”

Chris Guest

CEO and Founder Lightbug

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Customer success stories.

Learn how our customers use our tech stack to overcome borders and increase their IoT efficiency. And look good while doing it.

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Our pricing works for your business.

We provide a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, because we know growth doesn't happen overnight. No matter the size of your organization, we have a pricing plan that works to help you scale.

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